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We have worked with Motors to enable them to display used car reviews alongside dealers stock listing to enable users as consumers to pick dealers who other consumers recommend.

At JudgeService we publish all the reviews that are generated to give a balanced picture of consumers’ experience. That said, most people who have just bought a car are pretty happy with the dealer they have bought from, so the satisfaction ratings are normally quite good.

Our surveys contain detailed questions to help dealers improve the service where they do make mistakes and Motors displays the ratings to help you take the carfuffle out of making a choice of dealer, as well as to be able to read the verbatim reviews of dealers – good or bad.

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If you are a car dealer and would like JudgeService reviews to appear alongside your listing on Motors, all you need to do is to be able to provide us with a CSV file of your customers’ details on a regular basis and we can survey them and generate the customer satisfaction surveys and the testimonials you see here. If you’d like further information please call us on 01423 225 166.

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